“I believe that you are intrinsically creative, resourceful, and capable of far more than you dare to believe.”

-Amber Rahim

It’s all about connection

When we do business together the foundation is the connection between us: human to human, you and I. We form a relationship where we take the best of both of us and aim that power at your agenda.

We like you, just as you are

This is my firm belief: you do not need to be fixed, you are not a problem to be solved. You are an extraordinary individual. We believe in you. As such you know how to ask for support when you want a helping hand, when you want a partner who is 100% in your corner.

Fierce Courage

Fear of failure can often hold us back, but I have found that fear of success is far more intimidating. What if you actually succeed? I face it everyday and it makes my stomach flip. But it’s worth it. I’ll bring my expertise, a gentle firmness and a dash of humour. I’ll challenge you to claim what you want, with fierce courage. Are you willing to take the necessary risks for the life that you want? That’s what fierce courage is all about.


Amber helped me look at challenges from a new perspectives which helped me re-frame some mental patterns that were limiting me. This made my challenges less heavy and gave me new ways to approach and overcome them. She did this in a very open, constructive, non-judgemental, and solutions orientated way.

Working with Amber helped me prioritise myself amongst all my other priorities.  And she gave me some tools to use in the future, so I can continue to navigate life’s challenges more easily.

Megan Giannini

Head of Integrated Talent Management, Philips

Amber is friendly, extremely sensitive and motivating person. She fits perfectly into the role as a career coach meaning that she will do her outmost to inspire you to reach your goal with the capabilities you already have so that you can accomplish what you want in any aspects of your life following your true self.

Amber will give you the structure and the “key to yourself” which you will carry well beyond the sessions with her. Thanks to her background in real life work environment combined with a professional coaching knowledge and natural talent you will have a perfect mix of the two worlds. thanks Amber!

Valerio Castorina

Project Manager, IT

I came to coaching because I was at a point in my life where I had some big life choices to make but I was having trouble moving forward and making the decisions.

Amber is exceptionally good at what she does.  Her empathetic nature and talent for listening and then asking the right questions helped to get straight to the core of the issue at hand.  At the same time she is relentlessly positive, supportive, and caring.

We established what kind of approach would work best for the two of us. Even though many people come to her with a similar question of  “how can I be better a making decisions?”, she adapted her communication and feedback style to me. It impressed me that Amber understood the importance this and treated me like an individual.

On the practical side, the ability to carry out the coaching via Skype and email was a key part of making me feel that I could make time to fit it in to my busy schedule.


Lauren Bains

Research Scientist

“Amber Rahim is a great coach. Not only is Amber a certified coach and experienced in the competitive business world, in addition she has the gift for tapping into an individual’s needs and giving them the tools to help them realise/reach their goals. Amber’s gift is like magic and she can connect with people from all over the world and diverse backgrounds”

Karen Gordon

Career & Integration Coach, KGT Consulting


In a world, where we are expected to do more in less time, the question is


1.) How do you do more in less time?

Increase productivity is the simple answer.

There are a lot of productivity experts out there. You can easily find lots of information (hello Google!) and you have done that. You have researched, read and studied. You already know a lot of productivity tools.

But you’re not using them.


2.) How do you maintain a good Work Life Balance?

You know that work life balance is important. You know that what creates balance for each person is different.

Yet you don’t feel in balance.


3.) Health & Wellbeing: How do you manage stress, avoid or recover from burn out?

You know that to be healthy, you need to look after yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

But illness happens. Some just come from nowhere.

And others creep up on you because they are behaviour driven: changes in fitness, weight, stress etc are for a large part influenced by your behaviour. Which is fantastic! It means that you can do something about it.

But you’re not doing anything or feel you’re not doing enough.


So if you have all this knowledge, and nothing’s changing, what’s wrong?

This assumption exists in the world

Individuals respond to knowledge sufficiently to create desired change.

So if someone tells you that smoking is bad for your health, that information is enough to get you to stop smoking.

But we all know that this isn’t true. Information alone is not enough.

You need Purpose, Meaning, Motivation.

And Coaching is a highly effective method for both

  • finding purpose, meaning and motivation
  • and for bringing about behaviour change.

All humans are motivated by meaning and pay off.

So if you want to do more in less time, want to improve your health and wellbeing, hiring a coach is a good thing to do.

Am I the right coach for you?

Book a complementary Getting Started session and find out.

What would your life be like if …


  • you could respond to your perfectionist tendencies in a healthier, stress-free way?
  • you could do more of the things that you really want to do?
  • you could reduce your overall stress levels?
  • you could feel well most of the time?
  • you could be confident in knowing that you are doing enough?
  • you could unleash your natural talents and qualities to make your life easier?
  • you could tap into your creativity?

As a coach I am your back-up team. I am someone who

  • listens to your ideas, thoughts and feelings without judgment, and would help you to get clarity
  • helps you keep focus and brainstorms ideas with you
  • celebrates your failures and successes with you, making sure the learning is captured from both
  • challenges you to invest in yourself and dare to go for what you wanted no matter how big or small
  • designs this working relationship together with you so that it gives you what you need

Book a session

Working globally, reaching you wherever you are

When and Where:

Telephone Coaching: For your convenience, call from wherever you are. Avoid travel time, combine with your other appointments, be in your own environment.

Meet in Person: For the first session we can meet at one of my flex workspaces:

Kromme Waal 9, Amsterdam (3 mins walk from Central Station)

Burgemeester van Tienenweg 20, Diemen, Amsterdam A10 (2 hours free on street parking or via Tram 9)

Coaching appointments are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


How does it work?

Start by booking a complimentary 45 minute Getting Started session

In this powerful session you will leave with

  1. Written positive outcomes for your goals
  2. Renewed energy and focus for getting things done
  3. A “next step” action plan for achieving your goals

Then, when you’ve experience the value and decided to go for some coaching, we start a coaching program for you.

We will start with a 2 hour session and then follow up with single sessions. Pricing is based on €120 per session. To find out more, and for FAQs please check this document for the details.

Workshop Testimonials

“I gained insights on how to improve myself, my relationships and find acceptance”

 Uniquely You workshop

Clarissa van Keken

Freelance Accounting & Bookkeeper

“I learnt more about myself and now know that I am important”

 Uniquely You workshop

Feedback from a workshop given at a Fairwork event: Fairwork, fighting modern slavery

“I learnt to tune into my intuition…and that it is possible to silence that voice of doubt”

 Uniquely You workshop

Catina Tanner

Press Assistant at United Nations-ICTY and Co-Founder of “The Witching Hour - a story telling night for parents”

“It was inspiring and powerful. The next day I had to shoot the promotional video of my next project. Usually I don’t like to see myself on video but this time I painted, danced and laughed. I felt so good, beautiful and perfect! I love the result and I know I achieved this because of the energy I got from the workshop”

Uniquely You workshop

Eleonora Spagnuolo

Artist, Designer, Instructor, The Creativity Project

Workshops & Programs

Recovery and Wellness Coaching

Recovery Program: Creating your Path to Recovery in 12 sessions

Wellness Program: Creating your New Wellness Habits in 12 sessions

Whether you are sick or have recently been ill, you are probably still on the journey to feeling good again. In addition to any medical treatment you may be following, there are life style and behavioural changes that you need to make. Recovery and Wellness Coaching supports you on this journey to create those behaviour changes you need to get back to feeling good.

Many of us know what we should be doing but somehow we stick to our old habits. They’re comfortable and easy. If you feel it’s time to break free from the old and actually live the life that you want, then one of these these programs is for you.

Four month program

  • 12 hours direct one to one coaching
  • Plus free bonus session
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Payment plan available: five payments of €251, including taxes

.. click for more information on these programs ..

Recovery Program: Creating your path to Recovery in 12 sessions

Whether you are sick or have recently been ill, you are probably still on the journey to feeling good again. In addition to any medical treatment you are following, there are life style and behavioural changes that you need to make. This four month program supports you on this journey to create those behaviour changes you need to get back to Wellness.

Who is it for?

People who have experience an major health challenge and want to reclaim their lives. Due to my own personal and professional experience, I have a special focus on mental health challenges, invisible, and chronic illness.

Challenges that clients come to me with include:

Stress, Burnout, Anxiety, Depression

Endometriosis, IBS, ME

Chronic pain, and cancer.

Wellness Program: Creating your New Wellness Habits in 12 sessions

It’s so much more than just eating right and exercising. You want to feel good, have a life of meaning, purpose, fun, laughter, connection. You already have a pretty good life but something is missing. You probably even know the things you need to do but you are not doing them. This four month program is designed to help you create those new habits that will take your level of wellness to new heights.

Who is it for?

It’s not just for the sick. For me the core of wellness is being able to say “I can live the life I want, despite my circumstances”. So if you are like me, living with a chronic illness, then you want to experience wellness too. Because although being medically healthy may never happen, you still want to feel good, have a life of meaning, purpose, fun, laughter, and connection.

Or you are kind of ok but you know that if you don’t do something soon, your health will suffer. You may be suffering some stress, and it’s getting harder to shake off and keeps coming back. Or you know you want to feel good in your body; maybe move more or adapt your eating habits.

You want to make some changes to the way you live your life so that you can enjoy it more and look after yourself.

Both of these programs are designed to:

  • Put you in charge of your recovery and wellness journey
  • Set the foundation of the new habits
  • Establish sustainable motivation, driven by you
  • Practice and develop the new habits
  • Identify and tackle your blocks to change
  • Create the changes that you want, in the way that you want to do them

Fierce Courage Program


We all do it. Put something off until tomorrow. We tell ourselves

“I don’t have time”

“It won’t work”

“I hate doing admin / sales / speaking in public / _________ (insert the thing you hate doing here)”

In fact, while reading this, you have probably remembered something you’ve been meaning to do.

Yes? Click below for more info or check out the flyer.

Think this might be for you or want to know more? Then don’t put this off, find out by getting in touch to ask me your questions.

.. click for more information on this workshop ..

Even though you have read self help books and listened to webinars, you still find yourself in this situation

  • your good ideas are still ideas
  • that pile of work you’re avoiding is getting bigger
  • you make plans and act on them, yet somehow the result is smaller than you planned. You compromised.

“Compromise is just procrastination along the way”

So why do we procrastinate? Well, it usually comes down to fear.

Do we fear our admin? Well some do. For others it’s a really great distraction from our real fears.

So how many things on your To Do list have you thought of now? How many have been on their for a while?

If you have at least one thing that you keep putting off, then this course is for you.

The programme

Through a flexible programme combining group and individual sessions, we will work together to equip you with

  • Tools to recognise, understand and overcome your fears
  • Tools to get clarity on what it is you actually want
  • Courage to go for what you want, even when fear shows up. To do it anyway.

With the group session dynamics we will create

  • a variety of perspectives
  • a support structure – your very own fan club
  • opportunities to learn from each other
  • mutual accountability, helping you to keep going

And the individual sessions mean that

  • you will get personalised coaching
  • the focus will be on you and your challenges
  • we can tailor the tools to suit your personality

The practical stuff
A 10 week course including:
3 group sessions (2 hours each)
1st         Month one
2nd        Month two (date to be chosen with the group)
3rd         Month three (date to be chosen with the group)

5 individual coaching sessions
2 hour session in month one

4 x 45 minute sessions


11 hours of your time

€675 or pay in 3 monthly instalments of €225

And remember, this training may be a tax deductible expense in your personal/business tax return. Up to 50% tax rebate. Because learning pays.

Interested? Have questions? Then get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you. 0637374459 or send a mail to [email protected]

I decided to do the Fierce Courage Program as the description fit what I’ve been working on improving for about a year. There are some things I just don’t get done because fear gets in the way and I wanted to overcome that.

I learned that sometimes I don’t feel right about what I’m doing because they don’t align with my values.  Now I have identified more of my values and everything is more clear.

I also notice when my gremlins are discouraging me and have learned to rely more on myself and pay attention to making stronger goals that align with those values.

Amber is such an easy person to work with, I really looked forward to my sessions with her and the group work was great for encouraging each other and being introduced to new topics.

I highly recommend taking Fierce Courage; afterall, who doesn’t let themselves get talked out of doing something sometimes?

Joyce Bergsma

Nutritional Therapist, Eat Live Love Food

Uniquely You Workshop

This workshop is all about what is unique about you so that you can use it to propel yourself forward.


Next workshop is planned for Q3 2017. Interested in joining? Let me know by getting in touch

This FB event page has details of the June event so you can check out the details and location.

.. click for more information on this workshop ..

If you don’t know your strengths, how can you use them?

This is what Albert Einstein had to say about this

“I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”.

He is not talking about what he can do, he acknowledges who he is: passionately curious. Curiosity is a quality. Look how far he got by living it.


For my Business Economics degree my final paper was on Entrepreneurs and what makes them so successful.

All the research points to this:

  • Willingness to take risks
  • Connecting information in ways that others don’t see
  • The essence of who they are, their qualities.

There isn’t a definitive list of qualities but one distinctive thing they do is live their qualities: they know them and they take full advantage of them.

They can be curious, persistent, welcoming. This applies to all kinds of people, not just entrepreneurs.

In this workshop, you get:

  • Connected to the qualities that really fire you up
  • To be Seen – Brene Brown talks about the importance of being seen in her work on the power of vulnerability
  • To experience the impact: what happens when you know your qualities?

From this you get 3 outcomes:

  • Confidence
  • Courage to step up and take action
  • A method to change behaviour

This workshop is all about what is unique about you so that you can use it to propel yourself forward.


  • 3 hour workshop
  • Location: Workshops held in Amsterdam
  • Limited to 8 participants.  Workshop costs €65 (inc btw).
  • On receipt of your e-mail I will send you an invoice with payment instructions. Your place is confirmed once payment has been received.
Terms and Conditions
Cancellation policy: In case of unforeseen circumstances that necessitate rescheduling the workshop, those who have bought a ticket will get priority at the next workshop.
If you are unable to attend, and let me know 7 days in advance, you can transfer to another workshop. With less than 7 days notice, transfers are not possible.


Results from a 4 month program at Merck Sharp & Dohme in the Netherlands.

In-Company Programs

Coaching and workshop based bespoke programs designed to meet your company’s employee development needs.

As a certified coach I have important skills to help you and your company grow stronger. But you want more. You want someone who understands business and the complexities of the corporate world.
With 16 years Supply Chain experience in companies like Philips, MSD, Tyco and more than 8 years in family business I have in depth knowledge and experience.
My roles ranged from demand planning to responsibility for managing global supply chain processes, always with a focus on process improvement.
Go ahead and check out my profile on LinkledIn for more details.


Creating change:

As an organisation you want effective, impactful, creators of useful change. Beyond the solution design, project management, and problem solving, creating change is about bringing people along with you – not leaving them behind or triggering a band of resistance. Participants learn how to connect with others to understand their resistance, valid reasons, and meet them where they are, to then engage them in your strategy and motivate them for change.

Personal Leadership:

Create awareness of your intrinsic strengths to build upon them while minimising the effects of your weaknesses, understand what holds you back and let that go so you can realise your full potential, clarity on what you actually want so that you can choose consciously and be the leader in your personal and professional life.

Work life balance:

A static state of balance is unachievable and is not a useful goal. Having the agility and resilience to mange and thrive in an environment where you have many demands on your time and attention, both professional and privately, allow you to give your best, everywhere. Participants learn how to manage their passions and responsibilities so that they get the right mix in their lives. How is this possible?Through discovering their energy givers and drainers, developing a habit of conscious choice, and sharpening their emotional intelligence.

Problem solving:

view your task from multiple perspectives, create effective idea generation sessions, and truly adopt a mind set of possibilities (how to actually believe that “problems are opportunities”).

Want to start a conversation? Get In Touch

And as a reformed perfectionist I understand the feeling of “this isn’t good enough” or “I need to do better”. But when we stand in our strength, we can ease our foot off the accelerator and get there quicker. Coaching enabled me to let go of perfectionism and embrace the extraordinary in everyone, including myself. Coaching helped me and I can help you.

I help you to realise how extraordinary you already are. And I’m motivated by seeing you thrive.

I help you achieve your goals and thrive through coaching, workshops, and program

I am certified coach and hold an honours degree in Industrial Economics. It’s a funny looking combination but there is a common thread: understanding what needs to change and actually making it happen.

I unleash my own creativity onto the world through my writing about being a parent of a child with chronic illness at www.amberrahim.com. With humour and vulnerability I bare all my faults, thoughts and observations to create understanding of what life is really like when someone in your family is ill all the time and the impact this has on the whole family.

I have two daughters, a stepson and a Dutch husband. I love living in Amsterdam where there is always something new to discover. I have many roles and I love and embrace them all. 

My passions are teaching others to be problem solvers, designing educational experiences and reading, reading, reading.

My children are my main source of inspiration. From my eldest I learn: how can you be so ill and be so happy? From my youngest I learn: how can you be so plucky and happy when your parents don’t have enough (i.e. as much as they want) time for you? My my stepson I learn: how do you integrate and get along?

Have some questions? Get in touch

Ready to start coaching? Then book a complementary 45 min session

What’s so important about credentials?

  • This is an industry where the title “Coach” is not owned by the profession. So although the majority of coaches are trained and qualified, anyone can call themselves a “Coach”.
  • Professionalism demands that we learn, develop, and practice our skills. And to be really good, we should do this in an organised way, following a set of guidelines and standards.

Why the International Coach Federation (ICF)?

A coach who has been credentialed by the ICF has completed stringent education and experience requirements and has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in coaching.

My certifications mean that I:

  • Have received professional training from a program specifically designed to teach coaching skills in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • Have demonstrated a proficient understanding and use of the coaching competencies as outlined by the ICF
  • Am accountable to the ethics and standards set forth by the ICF
  • Have trained with a coaching school that is recognised as the most rigorous in the industry: The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), an ICF accredited coaching school.

Get your complimentary 45 min Getting Started session

In this powerful session you will leave with
  1. Written positive outcomes for your goals
  2. Renewed energy and focus for getting things done
  3. A “next step” action plan for achieving your goals


Get your welcome gift: The Self Development Resource Pack.

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