About Amber

“i alone cannot change the world, but i can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”

Mother Theresa

About me

I love solving problems, especially the “how can this be easier?” kind. Yet I am one person, and there are so many challenges in this world to be tackled. How do I do it all? By helping others to create the change they want to see in the world. Coaching is my way to cast the stone across the water.

Unconventional, and certified

I’m a certified coach and hold an honours degree in Industrial Economics. It’s a funny looking combination but there’s a common thread: understanding what needs to change and actually making it happen.

I love to learn, but what I love more than learning, is application: putting what I have learned into practice, and enjoying the results. So while I have an extensive tool box of theories, models, tools, I focus on trying them out and making them work, for me and for you.


My Story

Doing what you are good at is a great way to live your life. I spent about 20 years in business doing good work making things better: from process re-engineering to make work more efficient, to making customers happy by giving them what they need.

Yet doing that work cost a lot of energy. I was happy to pay that price, until I wasn’t. What changed? My personal circumstances changed, and I found that almost ALL my activities cost energy, and almost nothing was a source of energy.

And I didn’t want to live that way. But I still wanted to change the world. That’s when I discovered coaching.

I fell in love with coaching when I realised two things:

1. People are creative, and resourceful, and whole. When you look at people this way, possibility is created. And if it’s true for my clients, then it’s true for me. Let me tell you, it feels awesome to see yourself this way and you really do start acting differently.

2. I didn’t need to have all the answers. What a relief! Instead, I could focus on helping others find their own answers. This satisfies another quirk of mine: “I don’t want to be told what to do, and sometimes I need help, but I don’t want you to take over”. Recognise this?

I’m passionate about helping you find your amazing, creative solutions to your challenges and opportunities. I believe that when you find your own leadership path, then you can have a life full of ease.

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What’s so important about credentials?
  • This is an industry where the title “Coach” is not owned by the profession. So although the majority of coaches are trained and qualified, anyone can call themselves a “Coach”.
  • Professionalism demands that we learn, develop, and practice our skills. And benchmarking ourselves against a set of industry standards and guidelines helps level up our professionalism.

Why the International Coach Federation (ICF)?

The ICF is is recognised all over the world, and I work globally. Plus, I’m a reformed perfectionist so I still like to challenge myself to be the best I can, so I choose to test myself against the international standard. A coach who has been credentialed by the ICF has completed stringent education and experience requirements and has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in coaching. (humblebrag: that’s me. An awesome coach who is committed to excellence but holds back from perfectionism).

My certifications mean that I:

  • Have received professional training from a program specifically designed to teach coaching skills in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • Am accountable to the ethics and standards set forth by the ICF – and ethics in this field are really important.
  • Have trained with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), an ICF accredited coaching school, and one that is recognised as the most rigorous in the industry. Told you I was badass. (If you you have read all the way down to here, you are thorough and dedicated! This bit is dry. You deserve some unexpected sass).