Comfort Zones, Misunderstood

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Bigger Game

I recently told you about how I fell in love with a model for how to play big in work and life. So here’s a series of posts to help you get started, and possibly you will fall in love too. What is the Bigger Game? How do you get on the board game and actually play?

When anyone says comfort zones, we all get an immediate reaction that goes something like this:
“Ooh, bad”
“Need to get out of my comfort zone”
“Can’t grow without getting out your comfort zone”

Or some variation of the above. They’ve been painted as the black sheep of the habit family; something to be avoided stepped out of, left behind as we step into that better place “outside your comfort zone”.

So here’s to turning that idea on its head, and taking a fresh look at comfort zones.

Rick Tamlyn – Comfort Zones for Better and for Worse.

Now ask yourself:

What am I doing, what am I thinking about in my daily life that is serving me, or not?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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