I recently told you about how I fell in love with a model for how to play big in work and life. So here’s a series of posts to help you get started, and possibly you will fall in love too. What is the Bigger Game? How do you get on the board game and actually play?

Hungering for something more.

I’ve always been pretty easy going. Adaptable, flexible, make the best of any situation. So I feel good about life most of the time. But what I wasn’t paying attention to was how good I was at avoiding disappointment.

And here are somethings I’ve learned about disappointment we all want to avoid it. it’s a painful emotion when we are cautious, and minimise our risks of disappointment by not wanting that thing too much, and then we don’t get it? that hurts like a ….. it really stings and cuts deep.
when we allow ourselves to really feel the hunger and go all out for something, and then we don’t get it? that hurts, it stings. But the pain is softened by the knowledge that we really went all out for it.

Since jumping on the board I’ve been paying attention to what I’m hungry for. And recently an opportunity came my way and I just knew I had to go for it. Didn’t even have to think about it, just felt the hunger. There’s an application process involved, and an audition so it’s going to take awhile. I’ll let you know how it goes. But for now, I’m keeping the hunger alive.

Rick Tamlyn – Hungering for something more.

How do you use this square?

Visit the HUNGER square when you feel a powerful desire for something more – even if you have no idea what that something is. This is where you can begin to think about what you’re hungry for and what the world hungers for that you could provide.

Try it today – check-in with yourself. You might need to really pay attention, especially if you’ve become really good at dealing this down.

If you like what you see in this series and want to know more, then we have good news. The Bigger Game Event will be coming to Amsterdam in Feb 2020. Woohoo!
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