Interesting Times by Sir Terry Pratchett

This post is part of my Book Club Series where I share what I’m reading with you. I’m highlighting the “oh my god, you’ve got to read this!” books. These are the ones that I’ve been recommending to clients, friends, and anyone I’ve spoken to while reading the book. I have even been known to buy extra copies and given them to people. These books are great.

This post is about a book that is actually just one of my favourite books. I mean, how could I possibly choose just one?

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – I must have read that book at least 20 times since childhood. The focus on the inner workings of the mind is what hooked me I think.

The Red Rising by Pierce Brown has me abandon everyone around me until each book is finished (don’t judge me, I’m a reader). In addition to the awesome sci-fi (seriously interesting feats of engineering), there is a great depth of exploring the human psyche.

I think there’s a theme here…

But my absolute favourite book (for now) is Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett.

First off, the whole Discworld Series is full of so many funny books and characters.

What I love about Interesting Times and Terry Pratchett is that he delves into the nature of people, all kinds of people, with a love and appreciation for the full diversity of humankind. He highlights the recognizable quirks and creates the stories around those quirks, not around the norms.

Finding the things to laugh at in each of us, without being cruel, in that way we do with our really close friends when we laugh at them and say “Oh my god you’re so weird and I love you for it”

Showing the ridiculous, and running with it. So. Much. Fun!

His knowing that a simple sound like “hurr hurr hurr” can make any intelligent, sensible adult silly laugh like a snickering teenager (just read it, I couldn’t possibly explain)

The idea that 7 people winning a fight against a gigantic army has the paradox that it just seems to make perfect sense and at the same time, it doesn’t.

So why am I blogging about my favourite book(s)?
Because no matter how important learning and self-development are, we should always make time to go read something just because we love it.

So go read your favourite book. Enjoy.

P.S. Tell me about your favourite books! I’m always looking for reading inspiration.