Why amplification is the key to achieving your goals

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Definitions of Amplify

1. Make something more marked or intense
2. Enlarge upon or add detail
3. In genetics: make multiple copies ofSo often in life, when we set an intention or goal, we start with a lot of enthusiasm and at some point, we experience the “fizzle”.The goal becomes vague and our actions stop.So why is this?With my clients, and also in my own life, lack of amplification is involved.The amplification I am talking about here is definition 2: enlarge upon or add detail.  Sometimes, it’s not that our goal becomes vague, it’s because it is vague.  There isn’t enough detail to be able to create an actionable to do list.

So how do you amplify your goal?  Describe what your life will be like when you reach it.These questions are designed to both broaden your view and add detail.

Amplification Exercise.

When you have reached your goal:

  • What will you be doing (that you can’t do now)?
  • What will you be wearing? Picture yourself and go all out in this description: from your headgear to your shoes. (If you are anything like me, you will start with the shoes)
  • How will you stand or sit? What will you be doing with your hands?
  • Where are you? Inside or outside?
  • Who is around you?
  • What’s happening on a daily or weekly basis?

This exercise will not only add detail to your goal, it will reveal your motivation to take the necessary steps to achieve it. You are making it real.So go on, make it so real that you can almost taste it.

This post first appeared on this fabulous site by Allison Hamilton-Rohe, a fellow professional business woman. Allison specialises in helping women connect their purpose with their personal style.
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