We can’t live on Potential

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Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that is full of possibilities. The potential for greatness, fun, joy, success, etc. is huge.Potential adj

And that’s an exciting place to be. You are thinking of all the things that could be and lure of all this possibility keeps drawing you like a moth to a flame.

The most exciting thing about Potential is the chance to turn the Potential into Actual.

To have that amazing relationship. To have created that great product / team / project. To achieve a change in the world.

And the lure is strong
But what if, a few months later, you find yourself in the same spot? Still looking at the future, at what could be. Still facing Potential. But it’s not transforming into Actual.

That my fPotential nounriend, is a frustrating place to be. You can see what could be but nothing is happening.

And, it’s hard to walk away. That’s why it’s so hard for many of us to leave a dysfunctional relationship, whether personal or business. We can see the latent qualities and we can see what that could create, we see what could BE.

And we want to make that happen.

As a coach, one of my primary drivers is to see the best in my clients. To see their potential, even when they can’t, and to help them turn that into Actual. And for all you Potentialites, it means

  • you need courage
  • you have to leave your comfort zone
  • you have to take risks
  • you will be uncomfortable for awhile

And then you transform.

You see, the destiny of Potential is to become Actual.

Just like Gandalf the Grey’s destiny was to become Gandalf The White (yes I’m quoting from Lord of the Rings). He was already powerful but he had the potential to be greater. And even he did not know that. And his transformation? Well, that process was no walk in the park. But you do not need to face Balrog (you have seen the film, right?), you probably have your own personal demon, most commonly known as Self Doubt, to face.

But potential that isn’t worked on becomes stale, stagnant and fetid. It frustrates and disillusions. It makes us feel small. And then we act small.

Potential Actual

We can’t live on potential. Potential is an idea, and ideas alone cannot sustain us.

Now, I know you have potential. And I know that you have been told this by others, those who see it in you.  So my only question to you is:

What are you doing with it?


Your destiny is to create.  So go create.




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