Riddle me ree, how many birds on the tree?

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Achieving goals, Coaching | 0 comments

THERE’S AN OLD RIDDLE THAT says five birds are sitting on a tree. Four decide to fly off. How many are left?

What’s your answer?
Take your time.
No rush.

How many are left?

The answer is five.

Why? Because four “decided” to fly off. That’s all they did. There’s a big difference between deciding and doing.


So, what have you decided on lately? What are you still waiting to actually do?

Emerson said that “our chief want in life is someone who will make us do what we can”.

That’s where coaches come in. They ask you what is it that you really want to do and what’s holding you back. They help you clear the way so that you actually do what you are capable of.

So if you have something important you want to do, then talk to at least 3 coaches, find one where you have a click, hire them and go do it. Be the bird that flies.



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