What’s your internal dialogue?

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Your Self Talk is the key to accessing your power

We all talk to ourselves. It’s not (always) schizophrenia. We all have an internal dialogue with ourselves, our Self Talk. We talk to ourselves all day long.
We ask ourselves questions: “what shall I have for breakfast?” “What time is it?” “What am I going to do today?”
We notice things: “ooh that’s a nice dress / car / [insert your choice here]” “It’s warm today”
And then there are the things we tell ourselves about ourselves.
Quite a lot of the time, it’s negative Self Talk:
“I couldn’t do that” Or “You’re not good enough”
Often we use the more the sneaky version of saying we aren’t good enough and it sounds like this:
“you need to do some more work on this, it’s not ready yet”.

Sound familiar?  

Of course it does, we all do this. That’s why it’s the topic of the first group session in the program
Fierce Courage – No Guts, No Glory: making the shift from Deciding to Doing.

We create awareness of the Negative Self Talk and turn up the volume on the Positive Self Talk, using cool techniques to help us recognise the difference between the two.

Why do we need techniques to do this?
It’s because we are a clever, smart bunch of people who really know how to fool ourselves. And when we dare to step outside our comfort zone and do something new, something unknown, fear shows up.
Then we get super creative in coming up with reasons why we should stop doing this new thing and jump back into old patterns:
“It won’t work”
“They won’t like it”
“People might think I am weird”

You do recognise this, right?

So what happens when people are aware of the different kinds of Self Talk?

Well, they start to choose.

First, they choose what they want to listen to. They start choosing the voice that gives them power, that gives them possibilities. The voice that says “you can do this”.

And second, their actions change. They start doing things they have been putting off, that they decided on but never did. And they enjoy it!

They step into their creativity and resourcefulness and things start happening.
It’s a joy to behold.

And it’s an extra joy to watch this happen with others. It’s why I love my job.
Be empowered and Empower others.

So what are you going to do with this?

Try this. For one day, notice your negative self talk and count how many times you do it. Just count. Leave your number in the comments. Then ask yourself: what could I do if I didn’t hear this negativity all the time?

If you want to know how to become aware and to control this, then get in touch.

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