You’re still doing too much.
I can absolutely guarantee that there are tasks in you day to day that you don’t really need to be doing. At all.

Are you wasting your time?

Well, not all of it. But with compassion driven honesty I need to tell you: yes, you are wasting some of your time.

There are a bunch of things that are using up your energy, taking up your precious time, and keeping you away from the things that really matter.

You could be doing the things that actually make you the successful leader that smoothly drives the organisation through challenges to great achievements.

Because wouldn’t it be amazing to be so connected to yourself as a leader, that when you move, others follow?

That under your guidance people flourish? They work together to solve problems and come up with amazing solutions?

That while the business is going through transformation in this stormy period, you are calm inside?

Can you imagine it?

If you can’t even imagine it, we definitely need to talk.
Because you deserve to have that. You have so much to give, so many bright ideas that will make your team better, make their performance sky-rocket. You deserve to have that inner calm. And it is possible.

Or you can imagine it. Are you sighing in wistfulness at that? You can see it and the idea is just wonderful.
You can imagine how much easier life would be can’t you?
You want this.

I want it for you too.

But you know what’s getting in the way?
All that shit you shouldn’t be doing. The stuff that fills your days with urgency and grind.

Like you dream of white space in your calendar so you can think and work on strategy, but it keeps being filled up with stuff.

Do you know why? That’s you. You aren’t protecting your thinking time. You’re doing too much because you’re good at a lot of things. People come to you with problems, and you take them on because you can. You see what’s needed, and you step up to take action like the leader that you are.

How do I know?

Been there, done that.
It did not end well, no siree.

And you know that the extra work you are doing could be

  • delegated
  • automated
  • or just don’t need to be done at all

But the problem is you: you can’t seem to change the behaviour.

You know that all the stuff you need to stop is making you tired, unfocused, and worst of all, “too busy” to do things that actually matter.
You know you need to cut your work in half, but it’s hard to do.

I’ve got you.

This is what I do.
Take you from doing all the things, being exhausted and limited in your impact, to having inner calm, focused on what matters so that you can smoothly drive the change that creates high performance.

Help you cut your work in half and focus on what matters, with inner calm.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk

This post is part of my special Coaching Tips Series. This series was inspired by my clients and the core themes in their challenges. When we can apply these tips, we bring a lot of ease into our lives and step into our leadership. Want to talk it through with me? Call me and let’s make a Game Plan together.