How to change your thoughts on not being good enough

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Coaching Tips Series

Doubting your abilities or thinking that you’re not good enough, in your job or in relationships is more common than you think.

Actually, everyone thinks this about themselves at various times in their lives. But the occasional thought can turn into a regular thing, and this can have a big impact on your confidence and your life.

I’m Amber Rahim from Amber Rahim Coaching, and I’m a professionally trained coach.

I’m going to tell you how to change your thoughts about not being good enough.

It’s all about knowing yourself and shifting focus from what we are not good at, to where we are great.

Here are 3 key areas for knowing yourself.  Values, Qualities, Your Body.


We each have our own set of values and they guide how we behave and the decisions that we make. They reflect what is important to us. So do some reflection and work out what is important to you.  Then deliberately express these values in your behaviour.


What qualities do you have?  Make a list, or ask others for feedback. Then when you’re doing something you’re not so good at, choose a quality and bring that into what you’re doing.

Your Body.

Our heads can become very busy, critical places, and it’s where our self doubt lives.  Our bodies have a lot of good information to share with us, so listen to what it has to say because it never criticises us.

A great way to hear what your body has to say is to go for a 10-minute walk.  As you’re walking, pay attention to the physical sensations that you feel in your body.  This is an incredibly effective way to connect with your body, and it also switches your brain into a positive mindset.

When you get to know these 3 areas of yourself, your values, your qualities and your bodies, it’s easier to change your thoughts about not being good enough.

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