To Improve Your Inner Critic And Be A Calm Leader When Shit Hits The Fan.

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Coaching Tips Series

Life, circumstances, the people you work with, they are all going to throw things at you that get you riled up, knock you off balance, trigger your inner critic.
This is good news. It’s guaranteed to happen, so you can prepare for it.
Here’s one of the most important things I do, and that I teach my clients to do, that helps to shut down those inner critics that pop up with their annoying and distracting chatter.

What you can do:

Self-reflection. Get to know the difference between that Inner Critic voice (that judges the crap out of you and everyone else, and generally makes you miserable – even though it will get you up and moving).
That Sage voice of wisdom who can discern, think, and respond in a positive manner (that lets you feel good in life, and actually helps you achieve more, and faster, while being happy).

Practical exercise:

Get to know your Inner Critic by creating their character. This can be human, animal, or just the general vibe (like the Balrog in Lord of the Rings, all fiery with a whip).

Make a (mental) sketch:

  • What do they say?
  • What kind of voice do they have?
  • What are the colours and shapes?
  • What soundtrack do they have?
  • What do they wear?
  • How do they move? (Strut? Sneak in like a ninja? All casual? Kind and graceful to lead you off into distraction land?).

My stickler? That’s a witch and I only see the bony, blackened hand that jabs at my soft spots to tell me where I did it wrong. Cheerful, isn’t it?

I’m a hyper-achiever, hyper-rational, stickler who talks to people about emotions and soft skills all day. If my saboteurs defined me, I wouldn’t be doing any of this. Don’t let yours define you.

This post is part of my special Coaching Tips Series. This series was inspired by my clients and the core themes in their challenges. When we can apply these tips, we bring a lot of ease into our lives and step into our leadership. Want to talk it through with me? Use a free Experience Coaching session and I’ll help you.

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