Top Hits of 2020

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Coaching Tips Series

Below is a compilation of the most read posts, or “top hits” of this year. So if most of you read these, why would you need the list?

Here’s my thinking on this: if it resonated before, it’s probably relatively important.
It’s helpful to review and remind ourselves of the things we find important.

Just like we don’t need to constantly find a new purpose, or redefine what matters to us in life, we don’t need to constantly absorb new information.

Ever read a book more than once? Or watched a film a few times? Didn’t you get something different the second time? and the third and nth times?

That’s what I wish for you with this compilation of top hits – that you get something new, different, deeper from a second reading.

  1. Riddle Me Ree – How Many Birds On The Tree?
  2. Neuroscience: It’s Time To Accept We Are Emotional Beings
  3. The Infinite Game
  4. The Power of Good Enough
  5. Thoughts From Maya Angelou

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