Your Investment Should Always Give You A Great Return

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My husband knows how much I spent on the 10-month leadership program I took in 2018. At first, he thought it was insane. Then he saw the results.

He said “it’s weird but you’ve totally transformed, yet you are still you.
Only more patient (i.e., less shouty).
You’re able to deal with the kids more effectively – they listen to you, even when they are angry and frustrated.
You’re taken more seriously in your work, you’re doing more, yet you seem to have more time off”.

It was the most money I’ve ever spent on myself. And it was totally worth it because everything he said is true. I get to use what I learned for me, my family, and my clients. And I’m still getting a return on that investment, over 3 years later.

So when my clients come to me with problems like:
⛔They’re working long hours, like getting up at 4am to get work done before the meetings start. Or staying up till 1am because meetings stole all their time.
⛔Doing all the 1:1s for a team that is expanding takes a lot of time and energy – and they still need to do all the operational and strategic work.
⛔Got a frustrated person (or people) on the team that needs a lot of positive feedback, and creates friction in the team. So you’re putting fires out instead of building a team that laughs together, and gets serious together.

What do we do? We solve it by tackling the fundamentals: Defining what kind of leader you want to be – and turn that into actions you take day to day.
Practical. Actionable. Transformative.

I just got this feedback from a client who joined my 1:1 leadership coaching program this year:

“Amber is very experienced and understands the struggles that occur in the work of a manager. In a calm and relaxed way she is able to guide you to your very personal realizations that will enable you to find a suitable way to tackle your challenges.

This coaching helped me to reflect on where I am, where I want to be and what steps I need to take to get there. And most of the time it was simpler than it seemed at first.” – Sales Manager at a European Start Up.

It’s about getting this:

✅ Managing people confidently in a complex, fast-changing environment
✅ Managing upward without risking your job 😉
✅ Balancing personal values with company directives
✅ Leading instead of falling into micromanaging
✅ Working fewer hours – no more late nights and weekends working

Now who doesn’t want that?

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