The world seems to be telling us that to be successful, we need to grab opportunities. We need to be ON IT! We need to seize the day. We’ve gotta hustle.

And yet, everyday, we say no, or we let an opportunity pass us by.

And that might not be a bad thing.

Recently someone I know approached me for coaching. So I did what I normally do: scheduled a Getting Started sessions (aka sample session). Technically, it’s part of my sales process, but what that really means is that I have a coaching conversation with people to find out what they want to achieve and create for themselves, I coach them a bit, and we cover any questions they have about working with me.

What I love about it is that potential clients get to experience my work, and so get to make an informed decision about whether I am the right coach for them. I also get to find out if they are the right client for me.

We talked. I referred them to another coach I know.

You see, I’m excellent at my job, which is why I know that I am not the right coach for everyone. And for this person, I’m not the right coach. And I knew someone who could be a really good fit. So I gave a referral.

Was I giving up an opportunity to share my awesomeness with them? (can you tell that I drank some self-confidence juice this morning?). Yes I did give it up, and I did it gladly.

Because I believe this:

Just because you pass up an opportunity, it doesn’t mean that you are letting life pass you by.

Carpe Diem isn’t about seizing any old day, it’s about seizing your day

So how can you tell if something is right for you? How do you know if your decision is “good” for you? Well, check out this video for a cool tip to finding the right fit for you.

Finally, if you are passing up on an opportunity, take a moment to consider “who do I know that this would be right for?

Then don’t just pass it up, Pass it On