Leadership Is Simple. Doing It Is Hard.

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So many leadership principles and skills are actually simple.
Hear me out on this, I think you’ll agree.

Here are some leadership skills from my leadership checklist.

  • You listen and ask questions that help your team
  • You’re doing your current leadership/manager job, not your old job
  • You can paint a picture of where you’re going and why, so that they are onboard with the mission

This is all simple to understand, right? There are countless books, videos, resources, etc teaching you how to do these. And actually doing your current job, the one you’re paid to do? Pff. Of course, you’re doing that.
Piece of cake.
Ask questions and help your team? Simple.

Here’s another simple leadership thing: Saying No.
You’re invited to a meeting. You don’t think you should be there. Or you don’t have the time.
So you say “No”, right.

You don’t just accept all the meeting invitations until your agenda looks like Tetris on speed, and you’re getting up at 4 am so that you can get everything done.
(that is a true story).

Of course, you say yes. So many of us do.
Because while No is a simple word, there’s an entire belief system wrapped up in the word no.

Here are some common belief systems:

  • Wanting to do it all, so you say yes to everything.
  • Wanting to be better at everything so you never turn down a request.
  • Wanting to avoid conflicts, so you just say yes, then join with video off, doing some other work.
  • Not wanting to upset people, you just want to please, so you go along with it.
  • FOMO

These are all deeply rooted beliefs that we all hardwire into our brains over years, decades. How? By saying yes when you wanted to say no.

These are lifelong habits created by repetition.

Saying no is simple, yet we still struggle to say it.

Leadership isn’t a comprehension thing. It’s a mindset and behaviour change thing.

And that is totally doable.

It’s why I include a 6-week Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness program in my services. We train those muscles you need to break away from old habits and create new ones, with ease.

Get comfortable with saying no with authority.
Being a calm leader when shit hits the fan (i.e. you can snap back from freaking out, to being calm and collected).
Shut down that inner critic chatter so that you can stop procrastinating, get on with your work, keep your evenings and weekends free for the things you love.

Client C no longer gets up at 4 am to fit everything in.
Client N started that difficult project with enough time to actually get it done without pulling all-nighters.

They did the hard work to get mentally fit and change their belief system so that they could be the leaders they want to be.

And you can do it too.

“What’s a leadership series? How’s it different from the thought series or coaching tips? Good questions.“ This series gives you tips to take your own leadership to the next level, and ways you can extend your own capabilities. Ready to take your skills to the next level, but aren’t sure where to start? Get in touch with me.

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