Leadership Skills versus Leadership Style – Where Should You Put Your Focus?

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Excuse the sweaty face, been training and wanted to share what my trainer said.
When should I challenge? When should I show empathy? When should I ask questions? When should I direct and tell?

That’s what the leaders I work with are trying to figure out: when to use each skill.
Well in this video (less than 3 mins) I share something my trainer said as he was torturing me on that demon exercise wheel about the importance of acting in unity.

In summary:

In physical fitness:

It’s easier to plank or use this exercise wheel when you can get all your muscles to work together as one body. It’s not about just your abs or your butt, let them all work as one unit.

In that training, I had one more set to do. The last set is always the hardest. And I really hated that wheel. But after this piece of advice, when I focused on my whole body as one unit, I wasn’t silently plotting his demise any more. No more gritted teeth. It was still hard, but I felt stronger, the movements felt smoother, and I was able to complete the set and felt good at the end.

In leadership:

It’s easier to lead when you can use all your skills together as one leadership style. It’s not about just your listening skills or creating vision, it’s about your cohesive leadership style that encompasses all that and works together.

When you define what kind of leader you want to be, you’ll find that you have less decisions to make, it’s easier to make the choice that feels right, and you’ll have more energy to enjoy life outside of work.

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