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Strategic Partnerships. Collaboration. Whatever you call it, I love working with others who share my mission and values.
Theodora Voutsa is a powerful, vibrant, creator. I’m delighted to deliver a workshop for her International Leadership Academy .
READY FOR CHANGE? A Systems Health Check 
Whether you are setting up a new business, advancing your career or creating a healthier lifestyle, these following assumptions can trip you up:
  • Knowledge is enough to create behaviour change
  • If you’re not sick, you must be well
  • You don’t procrastinate
What you’ll leave with
  • You’ll be able to answer why Fact Based Decision Making is a Myth and learn the key to mastering decision making
  • You’ll know where you are on the health scale and how your health impacts your decisions making
  • You’ll know what your procrastination behaviours are, and what you can do about them
In this workshop you’ll get an introduction into how to really create change and how to tackle these assumptions.
It’s interactive so you’ll integrate the learning, retain more information and gain insights into your change potential.
This 2 hour workshop is facilitated by ILA Meet up.  Sign up here.

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