What’s Music Got To Do With It? (Creating A Vision)

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I feel compelled this week to write about music. And the storyteller in me is trying to find the reason for “why now?”. Frankly, I don’t know yet. I can’t logically explain it.

But I think that’s actually the answer. The inexplicable. The “I don’t know why this is relevant right now, but it is”. So I’m going to go with it and talk about music, and the answer will unfold. Promise.

Important to know (context setting).
You may know this already, but let’s put this out there again, so we start from the same point.

So much of what we do as leaders taps into our rational brains. Logical thinking using our executive functions.

Yet we are emotional decision-makers.
When we experience negative emotions, we are reactive, short-term, super focused, and our decisions reflect that—jumping to conclusions, short-term fixes, reaction to this one thing in front of me but not the big picture.

When we experience positive emotions, we are proactive and reflective. We have broadened perspectives and thinking. We can be logical, rational, compassionate, and hopeful. We can see and review scenarios. We allow ourselves time to process the options available to us.

So when we go about that important business of creating a vision, mission and leading our teams, what emotional state are we in?

I’m going to make a not-so-bold claim here and say that most of us are tired. Battle weary. Running low on the happier vibes of pre-covid times.

And the hits keep on coming from everywhere. There are too many things to name them all, but sometimes I look out of my window into the world and see a dumpster fire of chaos.

Let’s be honest; it’s hard to imagine a positive future that we want to create when we see so many things on fire.

Enter Music.

This is where the magic of music comes in. Music can create shifts in us almost instantly.

Take us back to a point in our past.
Let us escape from the present into another experience.
It can bring us to tears or bring love into our hearts.
It can get us shaking our butts and lifting up our arms in the joy of the beat.

Music transforms.

It’s been a tough year for me emotionally. I’ve been doing the incredibly challenging work of letting out the emotions of the past. Literally, my homework from my coach has been to “let myself cry”.

And I’m still running my company. Figuring out the path ahead, what strategies I need to create, and what actions I need to take.

All of that is going on.

And music is the key, no pun intended (although I’m sitting here delighted by this little pun 😀)

I’ve been listening to music to take myself on journeys.

Journeys through emotions.
Journeys through stories.
Journeys through the beats.

And it’s wonderful. I’m listening to upbeat dance tracks. I’m listening to honest love songs. I’m listening to things that make me cry from sadness and the beauty of love.

What music is tangibly giving me
It’s activating my creativity. It’s allowing me to access my dreams. So I’ve got my improved vision statement. I’ve got my updated mission statement.

This leads to action plans and steps taken.

All because of music.

What music do you turn to?
I’ve been dining on George Ezra – oh my god, loooove his voice, and his songs are so full of life, along the whole emotional spectrum. And Shania Twain – she really knows how to create those catchy lyrical melodies. She has just an inviting vibe to her feminist message.

Let music help you be a better leader.

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