An Invitation to a Year in Review

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Whether we think of it this way or not, we are all in a journey of leadership. We are independent thinking, conscious beings, who make tons of decisions a day about what we are going to do, how we are going to do it, and where we are heading.

We are all leaders

One of my core beliefs about humanity is that we are all leaders. There are many ways that we express it, and many dimensions within which we take a leadership role. But we are all leaders. Want to read more about this? Then check out this book Co-Active Leadership

Core Activity of Leaders


Many leaders incorporate a practice of reflection into their daily routine. Even just a few minutes, every day, to set intentions and reflect can have a significant and positive impact. And of course, there are the quarterly and annual reviews to look back at what went well, what can we do better. For some of you, there are fortnightly retrospectives as part of your agile process.

Of course, the run up to the end of the year is a time when many take stock, and set their intentions for the year to come. Yet how do we figure out what our intentions or resolutions should be?


Leaders also create. They create environments for goals to be achieved. They create opportunities. They create businesses, families, teams, social activities, tribes, communities. They create the things they want to have and bring them into the world.

What I want to have in the world is this: that people realise their creative capacity and have impact. So I created a job for myself where I get to help people to that.

I want there to be ease in the world. So I create my perspective of ease and bring it to all that I do.

I want to feel strong. So I create a habit to go out on long walks to strengthen both my body and mind. I create the agreement with my family that I take this time for me. I create space for each of them to do their own thing, just for themselves.

A Year In Review

I’ve been thinking a lot about this year and all that has happened and I started to play with the idea of bringing these two activities together. Thus a Year In Review was born. There are some questions that I am asking myself, and I’m sharing them here as I think this would be helpful for you.

So ask yourself:

  • What did I create?
  • What strengths/qualities of mine made that possible?
  • Where were the struggles?
  • How did I overcome them? and how did they overcome me?
  • How am I going to celebrate?
  • What do I want to create in 2018?

I invite you to play with the questions and see what they bring.

If you would like to review your year together with me, great! You can schedule a session here.

Enjoy the questions. Reflect on your own, drop me a note, or set a date to talk, it’s up to you. I just encourage you to acknowledge all the challenges you have faced, all the amazing things you have done, and the things that are yet to come.

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