Achieve your goals: Do one thing every day

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I’m not always interested in the posts I see from Upworthy but sometimes, like today, I see something that reminds me why I signed up with them.

Today I watched a documentary about a man in India who converted a barren wasteland into a forest, by planting a tree everyday. For years.

Trees and the animals they protect are important to him so he did something, everyday, to create a forest. His forest is now 550 Hectares (more than half the size of Amsterdamse Bos, and 1.5 x Central Park).

Yes,  you could get a big group of people together and create that forest faster. While you are creating a team, and it’s taking time to put it together, what is happening?

Do you need to collect all the resources you need first and then start?

No. Start today, with the resources you have and plant a tree, a sapling, a seed.

Sometimes there is just you. Does that mean that you can’t achieve your goal?

No. Start today, with the resources you have and plant a tree, a sapling, a seed.


I started my coach training 2 years ago and set up my own company at the beginning of this year. Sometimes I feel like a sapling. I have been thoroughly trained as a coach and have certification from 2 organisations. I have 16 years experience in multinational organisations and a degree in economics. Yet I feel like a sapling. And that’s probably because my business is young. My business is a sapling but I am not. My business is growing and one day it will be a forest. If I do something everyday that contributes towards that goal.

This applies to us all and whatever goal we have set for ourselves so I am grateful for this timely reminder.

Want to achieve your goals? Do something everyday that is linked to your goal.

Then one day soon you’ll look up and see that you have created a forest.

Featured photo by from Pexels

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