A Birthday Gift

by | Apr 19, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Ok this is going out in the same week that I have my birthday.

And instead of giving everyone cake to celebrate (because I literally can’t give cake to you all. Sure, I’d love to do that Tom Cruise thing and order cake to be delivered to your home, but I don’t have your address), I’ve come up with a different plan.

For myself, I’ve been choosing experiences over things in the last few years.

A gorgeous walk through beautiful woods, followed by good food.
A trip away with the family where we just get to enjoy each other’s company, and enjoy the good in life, and each other.

So I’m giving away a 2-hour Discovery Coaching session. To whoever wants it.
Just send me an email with “yes I ‘d love your birthday gift” and I’ll send you the link.

But what is a Discovery Coaching Session?

It’s an in-depth coaching session to get you

  • ultra clear on your goals
  • discover what’s holding you back
  • re-connect to that best part of yourself who knows how to make it all happen, and enjoy the journey.

But above all
it’s a wonderful experience. Truly a moment for yourself, focusing on your unspoken dreams, revealing to you how wonderful you actually are.

So grab your gift. Send me an email.

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