Impostor Syndrome and Diversity

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So I was trying to find a way to talk about the importance of diversity, of why we need more women in senior positions and in STEM, but I’m not going to do that. And what about Impostor Syndrome? I’ll get to that in a moment.

There are 2 reasons for this

  1. Lots of people have written extremely well on the benefits of diversity.
  2. I really want to tell you about something that I am doing that will make a difference.

I strongly believe in the power of words but without action, they are just words. So what am I doing?

Workshop on Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

In 2015 I met Iffat Gill, founder of Chounri Choupal organisation and creator of the Code to Change Program. This program is designed, not only encourage women to join the tech industry, but to provide practical assistance to do so.

One of the key stumbling blocks they found in their research was Impostor Syndrome, or the feeling that, as women, we don’t belong in the tech field. We are not qualified enough. We don’t have the experience. We don’t fit in. It’s not true, but we have those thoughts anyway.

Having studied Industrial Economics at University (one of about 8 women out of a class of 90), and then spending 18 years in Supply Chain (again an environment where men far outnumbered women), I’m familiar with this doubt. But I also know from first hand experience that women absolutely have a place here, it’s essential that we are represented.

What I will say about diversity

Diversity adds richness and depth to creativity, problem solving and solution design.  And these three things are at the heart of technology. If technology use and purpose is only designed and developed by half the population, then there is half the population whose needs may not get catered for, whose ideas are not included.

Technology is

So I am really excited to be speaking at the launch event of Anita Borg Institute Local in Amsterdam, on 26th April. ABI is about bringing women in technology together. This launch event has been organised together with @iffatgill and her @CodeToChange program, Her organisation takes action to get more women working in technology.

I’ll be talking about Overcoming Impostor Syndrome – and yes, that self doubt voice is back, telling me I haven’t prepared enough. But I know how to stop that. And in my workshop on the 26th April, I’m going to share some strategies on how to stop that voice.
For those of you who have worked with me personally, I’ve helped you develop your own strategies to do this too. And you know I love doing this work! You understand why excited about doing this work with a large group.
For those who haven’t worked with me yet and want to know how you can quieten your own voice of doubt, come and join us! Use this link to register
Love my job.
ABI Launch Event, hosted by Google
Who is this event for?
  • People working in the technology field or hoping to join the sector soon
  • Men or women who wish to support women in their workplace
  • Curious people interested to learn more about lack of women in technology

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