As a typical High Achiever, Go-Getter and Perfect Perfectionist (makes me tired just seeing these words), I went through a massive transformation under the guidance of Amber. She has a knack of turning my Inner Critic and Judge into something I can work with.

I was super hard on myself, so her delicate, precise, professional and nonjudgmental way of exploring my issues was super welcome to me.
Thanks to Amber and her way of coaching, I understood how to let go, release the ‘over responsibility’. I learned that I’m ok. That there is no hurry in life and that I can slow down and savour. I learned to trust myself.

Its extremely liberating to work together with amber. You will be able to let go better of the constant need to do or be better. What a relief. You will just enjoy life more, be a better leader and ultimately like yourself more.

Eeke Wizman | Trainer & Coach