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Amber gave me tools that I can use in the future too, so I can continue to navigate life’s challenges more easily

Megan Giannini Philips

Amber helped me look at challenges from a new perspective which helped me re-frame some mental patterns that were limiting me. This made my challenges less heavy and gave me new ways to approach and overcome them. She did this in a very open, constructive, non-judgemental, and solutions oriented way.

Working with Amber helped me prioritise myself amongst all my other priorities. And she gave me some tools to use in the future, so I can continue to navigate life’s challenges more easily.

Megan Giannini

I overcame old habits that were holding me back from reaching my goals

As the sessions progressed, and Amber encouraged me to explore my own actions and beliefs, I became aware of old habits which were holding me back from reaching my goals. Amber’s coaching style helped equip me with strategies for overcoming these habits.

This helped me progress in ways I didn’t expect going into the program, such as letting myself be more authentic in difficult situations, and communicating more pro-actively when coaching others, and also being courageous with risk taking when the rewards justify it.

I’m very happy with the progress we made.

Cian O’Mahony | Developer

Her methodology is like magic: I found ways to take action

Amber has coached me in a personal leadership program. Amber has deep knowledge of how motivation, passion and courage work  and the role that fear plays in our behaviours.  Her methodology is like magic: she listens, that seems all. The magic is that I learned, and discovered, found ways to take action, experiement, review and take action again.

Amber is a very talented coach; extremely knowledgeable, extremely serious about confidentiality. She has a true passion for her work, can work with positive energy and drive in very very challending (work) environments

Maura Licheri

The clarity I gained helps me in my complex work environment

I was coached by Amber in the first half of 2017 and I really enjoyed the experience. Each session seemed to tease out some new insight about my strengths and purpose.

It was a genuinely insightful experience that helped me to focus on my goals and fret less about my “saboteur thoughts”.

I think a lot of people working in a complex business environment would benefit from the clarity her coaching programme provides.

Craig McMahon

Amber has helped me make my next career step

Amber is friendly, extremely sensitive and motivating. She fits perfectly into the role as a career coach meaning that she will do her utmost to inspire you to reach your goal with the capabilities you alrady have, so that you can accomplish what you want in any aspects of your life following your true self.

Amber will give you the structure and the “key to yourself” which you will carry well beyond the sessions with her. Thanks to her background in real life work environment, combined with a professional coaching knowledge and natural talent, you will have a perfect mix of the two worlds. thanks Amber!

Valerio Castorina | Project Manager, IT

I came to coaching because I had some big decisions to make

I was at a point in my life where I had some big decisions to make. I was having trouble moving forward and making decisions.

Even though many people come to her with a similar question of “how can I make better decisions?”, she adapted her communication and feedback style to me. We established what kind of approach would work best for the two of us. It impressed me that Amber understood the importance of this and treated me like an individual.

Amber is exceptionally good at what she does. Her empathic nature and talent for listening and then asking the right questions helped to get straight to the core of the issue at hand. At the same time, she is relentlessly positive, supportive, and caring.

On the practical side, the ability to carry out the coaching via Skype and email was a key part of making me feel that I could make time to fit it into my busy schedule.

Lauren Bains | Research Scientist

For high performers who want to learn how to enjoy more and let their prefectionist chill.

As a typical High Achiever, Go-Getter and Perfect Perfectionist (makes me tired just seeing these words), I went through a massive transformation under the guidance of Amber. She has a knack of turning my Inner Critic and Judge into something I can work with.

I was super hard on myself, so her delicate, precise, professional and nonjudgmental way of exploring my issues was super welcome to me.
Thanks to Amber and her way of coaching, I understood how to let go, release the ‘over responsibility’. I learned that I’m ok. That there is no hurry in life and that I can slow down and savour. I learned to trust myself.

Its extremely liberating to work together with amber. You will be able to let go better of the constant need to do or be better. What a relief. You will just enjoy life more, be a better leader and ultimately like yourself more.

Eeke Wizman | Trainer & Coach

Experiencing the results felt absolutely amazing

You have accompanied me through my biggest transformational years – so everything has become possible. You supported me and helped me manage a career jump / stretch that I did not feel possible.

When people work with you they get your active listening skills, your ability to get to the essence of what you hear, and yet adding a challenge or eye opening statement while summing it up. Your understanding of business and leadership, and your sharp ability to read people make any session with you full of insights, and brings clarity as to what is to be done.

elt absolutely amazing.

Full clarity coming out of our sessions on what I needed to do – super actionable insights and also at times peace of mind.

Thibault Mesqui | Managing Director

Coach in certification: I listened back to almost all sessions and learned from your skills 🙂

Doing coaching certification these outcomes were important to me:

  • I got to know a part of me that I really like, where I am confident and make easy contact with people and energetic, and I can choose when I want to be like that
  • I realized coaching needs to fit into me instead of me fitting into coaching
  • I got more clarity on what I like to offer as a coach
  • Jeeeej I passed my oral exam! Thank you for your contribution to this beautiful journey!

I liked your energy, flexibility and your coaching skills, I listened back to almost all sessions and learned from your skills 🙂

I’d recommend you and tell people that you could work with anyone, any kind of person, and adjust to what they need. That you listen very well and that you take them to interesting places they’ve never been or seen before.

Coach in CPCC certification | Passed their exam

Recommended Speaker by SheSharp – women in tech foundation

We’ve had the pleasure of having Amber speak at multiple events for SheSharp, a women in tech organization based in the Netherlands.
Amber has a unique and empowering approach to coaching which translates well into talks and workshops. Every time she speaks, our audience leaves with tangible take-aways that they can apply to their daily lives. She’s incredibly relatable and engaging as a speaker, which is why we always invite her back to speak to our community. We’re looking forward to working with Amber again in the future.
Most recent talk: Learning from Failure. Event hosted by Miro
Amanda Marochko | Co-Founder

A good leader communicates the direction of travel

My biggest frustration before engaging Amber was working out my priorities and how to best plan my future: set the direction of travel.

In just 3 months of working with you I became clearer on how I wanted to design key strategy for my company. Plus I got essential clarity to navigate the big stuff through the distractions of the day to day.

How did it feel when I got these results? Refreshing and uplifting.

I really enjoyed working with you Amber and hope to do so again.

Glynn Ryland | CEO and Co-Founder
Shaktimat GmbH