Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Surely success spurs you on! It makes you feel good, and then you keep going.
That’s exactly what I do when I use my Productive Procrastination Method (I’ve just turned that into a thing by adding capitals. Blog post to follow shortly). Do the smaller tasks and build up to the bigger scary tasks.

This kind of success really does help you achieve your goals. you are moving from one task/method to the next, racking up achievements along the way.

I’m talking about a different kind of success. The kind where the thing you created or are doing is good, but can be better. But to make it better, you have to change what you’ve got. Gulp.

You’ve got to take that thing that is working, that’s giving you all the good feels…… and no longer do it that way.

I’m going to use this blog of mine as the example.

My goal with this blog

  1. Share useful, actionable insights so that you, dear reader (yes that is a Bridgerton reference) can become a better leader in your life and work. This stuff is all for free, I happily share it, and if that’s all you need to get going, fantastic. Take it and run. And let me know what cool stuff you get up to. I love hearing good news, let me celebrate with you.
  2. An outlet for my thoughts and ideas. This is my very selfish goal. I have thoughts and ideas, skills I’ve picked up. And I LOVE to share them. It makes me feel good.
  3. Give you the information you need to know whether you want to work with me. And to encourage you to make a decision on that.

In the beginning, I shied away from all of that. I had huge limiting beliefs and saboteur thoughts about it all. I worked on myself, with a coach (hint hint

) and I got over myself. I started publishing consistently, regularly, and with good content.

Success! Yay. I’ve been feeling good and doing happy dances. Success is sweet.

Here’s the BUT.

But I’ve not really been doing No.3 very well. 1 and 2 feel really good now. I’m in a flow, there is ease to the process, I’m getting good feedback.

But point 3 of my goal for this blog? I’m putting it out there: it’s not happening. I’m working with a woman I really admire and with radical candor she helped me see that this is where I’m still shying away. This is where I’m hiding.

It both sucks to know this, and is incredibly liberating.
If I’m not helping you make a decision about working with me – yes or no – then I’m not helping you as much as I could.

But what’s holding me back from doing anything about point 3?

  • My success with points 1 and 2.
  • I’m worried that I’ll destroy the ease and flow.
  • I’m worried that I’ll lose some of you.
  • I’m worried that I’m going to upset the applecart and tip everything out onto the road and then there’ll be a traffic jam, chaos and mushy apples.

My partial success with my goal is holding me back.

I’ve got to dare to make the change. I have to risk that I might lose some of you. But hey, If I lose you, I helped you decide. I still achieve my goal.

This all lead me to the conclusion that a little bit of success can stop you achieving your goal.

p.s. Just going for point 1 and 2 first has made it really hard to add 3 now. Next time I’ll share my lessons about goal setting from this story.

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