A Quiet Reflection

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Thought Piece Series | 0 comments

Winter is a great time to slow down, finish up things, put things to bed, and most of all not start something new.

All the natural world around us is putting itself to bed for the winter to get through the frosts, and get ready for the spring.

This is a time when we will naturally look back on the year and reflect on this year.

Or you might be thinking “crikey, it’s December already. WTF! where did the time go?”

Wherever your at, December is here, so here are some questions if you are in the mood to reflect.

  • What did I create this year?
    • What strengths and qualities that I have made this possible? (and don’t be shy, give yourself the credit that is due)
  • Where were the struggles?
    • How did I overcome them? Or how did they overcome me?
  • What did I learn from all this?
  • How am I going to celebrate?

And no, I’m not adding any questions about next year yet. The one consistent thing I see with all my clients (and myself included) is that really stopping to reflect is hard. It’s why I created my “A Year in Review” coaching session. Some ongoing clients like to include it in our work at this time of year. Other people like to book a session so they can reflect in company and get more insights.

So thinking about what’s next? Well, when you take the time to look back, the what’s next tends to just appear anyway. So why work so hard?

Enjoy spending some time on these questions, or do something else that helps you complete the year.

p.s. Some people like to make a ritual of it, like taking a moment with a cuppa and writing in a special notebook. Or completing the reflection by lighting a fire and burning the pages to let go of the past. Do what you fancy to make it special.

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