Hello, Is It You I’m Looking For?

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Something I love to do is sit back and appreciate where I am in life.

Like really sit back and feel into the experience of being satisfied.

It’s wonderfully delightful. And it still feels weird to do it, but I love weird so I do it anyway.

How it started

Over thinker. Ever planned your conversations in your head, in advance? Rehearsed them over and over because it was important and you can’t stop yourself? Yep, me too.

Perfectionist – but never thought I was because I thought I never worked hard enough to be a perfectionist. (yes I was that delusional)

Hyper-critical of myself.

Stickler, obstinate rule follower.

Wanting to do everything myself because then it would get done, get done right, and I’d feel in control.

Doing a job I was good at but didn’t care about.

Being left drained at the end of every work day.

Not daring to follow through on my ideas.

Being afraid to offend people – gotta be nice.

All of that was me, for most of my life.

And yes, I still have those tendencies.

So what am I satisfied about?

How it’s going

That those behaviours are no longer the norm. It just happens now and then, and I catch it and stop.

I’m at peace with myself. All the mistakes I make? Big whoop.

I’m more comfortable with how warm and fierce I am. Kind of like Rebecca in Ted Lasso. IYKYK

I slow down and enjoy the life I’ve created.

I speak up.

I lead my life – work, private, volunteer – the way I want to.

I get to work with wonderful, interesting, kind, creative people.

I enjoy my work, even the admin.

And I’ve finally figured out how to be satisfied with what I have, and want more.

Does any of this sound like something you want?

In my reflections I realised that I am happy with the projects I’ve got on my plate right now.


I want more. Specifically, I want to work with at least two more people on a one to one basis.

Is it you I’m looking for?

If you’ve been thinking about doing something to make your own wish come true, to have that feeling of satisfaction of a life well lived then this is the nudge you need. Is it you I’m looking for?

I’ve cleared up space in my calendar on Friday 18th August so we can have a call. Book it here.

What are you waiting for?

P.S. If you can’t make the 18th, then just pick another date. But book it now before you let life get in the way

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