I Just Want Someone To Tell Me What To Do

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Thought Piece Series | 0 comments

This is what someone in a senior corporate position said to me a couple of months ago. “I just want someone to tell me what to do”.

I can relate. There are times in life when I feel like there are too many decisions that need to be made #DecisionFatigue. Just the sheer volume of them can be a mental load that we want to shed.

And then some decisions are in the dilemma realm: both options are not just viable, but really good options. Or they are both terrible.

It’s at times like these that I totally related to this feeling.

And yet it’s not true. We don’t want to be told what to do.

Ever had someone give you good advice, and you didn’t take it? Yeah, me too.

And it’s not true for this senior leader either.

When I asked “how are you with being told what to do?” they answered in the way I also answer this.

“When somebody tells me what to do, immediately I would not do it, but then that will help me kind of process what I really want to do. It’s part of my decision making process”.

When we feel this way, we really just want help.

To be listened to. To have our thinking challenged, but not judged. Broaden our view. See the question from different perspectives. Be connected to our best selves, not our fearful selves.

This is the kind of help we all need.

Who does this for you?

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