Is Everyone Trying To Sell You Something?

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Thought Piece Series | 0 comments

A long time ago I decided not to do any marketing activity via Facebook. While it works for many people (well, mainly for FB selling advertising space), it’s not something I wanted.

FB for me had always been a place to find out what old school friends and colleagues were up to these days. You know, the ones whose phone numbers you don’t have so can’t send memes to them via WhatsApp nor arrange long overdue nights out to catch up.

So I’ve always focused on LI because that seemed to be a place where you could talk about work related topics with other professionals, get to know people, and maybe connect.

But over the last year for sure the only people I meet on LI are apparent magicians who can get me a six figure business in six weeks so I can rake in the money while working less and going on holiday more.

So when a business owner reached out to connect I was curious. When they responded to my conversation opener of “what are you reading these days?” with “I prefer podcasts” I was hopeful that this was that pleasant kind of connection where we could get tips for new reads/podcasts, and end up seeing each others activity on LI in for a bit.

You know, the introverts networking: sporadically carry on a conversation with a stranger, but only when we felt up to the task of peopling, until you get to know them enough to want to meet for coffee or hop online for a chat, or just let them be someone you chatted with a bit online.

BTW, if you want to know: I’m reading (again) Lightbringer by Pierce Brown while I wait for the final book of the saga to be written. How he’s going to write the solution to how to remake society after dystopia I don’t know but I can’t wait.

And they are listening to The Human Upgrade by Dave Asprey – haven’t given it a listen yet, hopes it’s good.

I’ve got to admit, I was bit disappointed when they sent me a mail to find out if I was interested in their services.

Is everyone out there selling something?

You might be thinking but Amber, don’t you offer your services out to people?

I do, but not like this.

I let people know what I’m up to. And of course when I’m in conversation with someone and they talk about something I can help them with I do say “I can help with that, would you like to talk about it?”

But on LI there are apparently a gajillion superstars who know how to make me a rich leadership coach, and they all want to connect.

It’s all a little bit sad really.

Whatever happened to just having a conversation?

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