My friend sent this to as her theme song and I can totally relate.

I have spent so much of my life responding to the question “can you do this?” with a yes. Sure. Give that to me and I’ll take care of it.

I used be so literal in looking at the question. Can I possibly do that thing? Like, do I have the capability to do it?

And if had the capability to do it, I’d say yes.

I didn’t check my capacity. Do I have the time or energy for this?

Who cares?

I didn’t check if I wanted to do it. Was it part of my plan, or in my area of focus or interest?

Not relevant!

I had just programmed myself into the habit of saying yes. Making others happy. Making myself useful. Being kind.

It’s one of the contributing factors to the monumental burn out I had about 13 years ago. Taking on more than I should.

Is this you? If this is also your theme song, take a moment next time you say yes. Just to notice what’s motivating you to say yes.

Maybe there is a pattern.

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