Is Work Life Balance Worn Out?

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Work life balance is a worn out phrase but we all recognise it. It’s why we still use it. We all hold onto worn out concepts, some help us, some don’t.

A post I shared on LI about how I work part time but successfully created my coaching business has had a lot of interest and people have reached out to me.

The secret has been to protect my non-work time, always. So I didn’t have time to do #busywork like bullshit meetings etc.

But the secret to the secret was to have the mental strength stick to that decision, no matter what. Because it was a well thought out decision, that was fundamentally important to me, and I knew it would be the secret to my success.

Yet I’m always tempted away from my good decisions. Aren’t you?
Is that really a good idea? will it work? but so and so is doing that, maybe I should do that?

My decision is not a conventional choice. So of course doubt creeps in.

So I got all that noise that comes after making a good decision.
Surely I’m not the only one? I know I’m not. All my clients, even at the highest level. We all have one thing in common: that human tendency to doubt ourselves.

So when business just dried up in March 2020 – when everything just stopped for loads of people…
that was a real test for me.
To stick to part time. To stick to not doing busy work to soothe the anxiety.

The whole world seemed to be holding it’s breath.
So I went for daily walks.
I did that big project in the garden.
I gave my existing clients the attention they needed.
And I did nothing in between. I even sat in the sunshine, just enjoying the spring sun on my face.

With a fresh mind, I started taking action for my business.

And by June, the work started coming in.

My success while maintaining my sense of well being? It came from the mental strength of being able to stick to my decision, deal with doubt, knowing what mattered.
If you want that too, let’s chat.

So maybe it’s not work life balance that’s worn out, but us. We’re worn out.
Time to change that.

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