Just the tonic you need right now

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Thought Piece Series

It’s that time of year when social media feeds are filling with offers, courses, secrets to help you knock out your new year’s goals and ambitions.

It’s an arbitrary moment, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Because when exactly is the best time to take action? When you think of it (most of the time).

Just remembered you need to send a thank you note? Do it now. That pile on the stairs that needs to go upstairs? If you’ve just thought about it, do it now.

And as it’s an arbitrary moment in time to “start something new”, you get to decide if this is the time for you, or not.

This post is just the tonic you need, whatever your situation.

If you are having ideas of things to do this year, then I have a post for you.

And if you are thinking “nah, I’m good” or “erm, let me get this homeschooling / new lockdown thing sorted first” then I have a post for you.

If it ain’t broke…..

While I wholeheartedly believe that change is good and that things can be better, I also believe that we can also reach that place where what I’m doing now, and how I am doing it, is working for me.
I don’t need to mess with it. I can enjoy where I am. And reap the rewards of past work.

Here is a throwback to my new year’s post of last year. If It Ain’t Broke. It’s positive and encourages you to keep going.

A reminder of the secret to getting into action.

Just because you’ve got nothing to fix, doesn’t mean you have nothing to do.

While you may be enjoying where you are and the routines and habits that got you here, you may still have things that you want to do.

That’s why I’m bringing back this post, The Secret To Getting Into Action. This applies to those who are tootling along quite nicely thanks or those who have lots going on. And it applies to those who have big plans for this year (I love multifunctional stuff).

Both these posts take just a couple of minutes to read but they might just be what you need to read right now.

Best wishes to you, wherever you are

This is part of my Thought Piece Series where I explore topics related to leadership and provide both answers and questions. My intention is to start meaningful conversations that help us move forward.

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