Back in 2018 I went to a Denk Producties conference on leadership, where Barak Obama was the headline. It was awesome, and I said it then and I’ll say it again, Obama is not the only great leader. He had a tough job that day because all the speakers were remarkable.

This is short and sweet, but incredibly useful.

If we can do these things, then we will be good leaders.

Bas van Der Veldt, CEO AFAS
Bas shared the 5 tips for leadership that he has brought to life in his organisation.

  1. Start with love
  2. Publicly share direction and show accountability
  3. Give trust and responsibility
  4. “word geen zonnekoning”. As leader, put yourself in the thick of it, and express decency
  5. More balance between work and private life

But the real gem, and it’s something that doesn’t get said enough, is about taking action. For every decision we take, someone will be unhappy. Take the decision anyway. And if you use the 5 tips above, then you’ll be good.

Take decisions. Dare to know, and above all, act with decency

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