How to tell if you’ve made a good decision

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Thought Piece Series

If you are anything like me, at some point after making a decision, you’ll have a moment of (panic?):
“what have I done?”
“was this the right thing to do?”

According to some, you’ll just know.

Which is an answer that used to really frustrate me. I like to have evidence based, logical reasoning.
and “you’ll just know” is incredibly wishy-washy. and neglects to answer the how part.

Because I want details. I want a plan. A check list. the works.

Don’t make it so hard

What I have found over the years is that there is a how.
you just need to look in the right places for the knowing.

Your body

When you shift your attention to you body, and let yourself feel what you feel, you’ll notice a calm that you didn’t have before making the decision. This calm is your body telling you “yes, that’s it”. If you want to be more specific, start with your gut.

Meanwhile, your head might be in a panic. That’s ok, our heads do that when our survivor brain is triggered.

Your heart

So then you need to pay attention to your emotions.
Is that anxiety or excitement?
When you have the trembles, the “oh sh*t!, can’t believe I’m doing this” feeling?

That means that you have decided something big.
If your body has a centre of calm, and the trembles, it is probably nervous excitement.

You’ve taken a risk, you know there are no guarantees, but you feel good and excited about what you are doing.

Give it a try. Check in with your gut and your heart.


Now, I know that this piece doesn’t seem to be evidence based (beyond my own feelings).

While neuroscience hasn’t answered all the questions related to the 3 brains, we do know that we have brain cells in our heads, heart, and guts.

We have all experienced that gut feeling, or know in our hearts.

Let go of whatever you think you need to have in order to know you have made a good decision, and try looking into your body for the answers

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