Normalise Not Working

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So here’s the thing: sometimes I write these posts weekly, sometimes I take a chunk of time and write a few of them together then schedule them out over time.

It gives me the flexibility I love to be both spontaneous and follow a theme.

And it lets me be consistent to my readers while adapting around my work and private life.

So when the holidays come around I usually write ahead for that holiday period.

And next week I’ve got the whole week off. An important family gathering is happening and it will be the first time in about a year that my siblings and I will be in the same place at the same time. And I love it when my kids get to be with this side of their family.

And as I’m prepping for not being at work, I thought about what I wanted to write for the week of holiday.

And the words “normalise not working” popped into my head like a New Years eve firework display (of bonfire night for us brits of a certain age).

When I first moved to Amsterdam I remember going to this little bakery around the corner. And then August rolled round and I went to that bakery and it was all locked up. There was a sign in the window:

“gesloten voor vakantie”

Closed for vacation.

For 3 weeks.

They didn’t hire other people in to keep the business running. They just closed up for their holidays.

Now I grew up in a family with a local shop and newsagent. The only day we closed was Christmas Day because newspapers weren’t printed on that day.

Yet all over this lovely city of Amsterdam in 2005 I saw signs “closed for vacation”. So weird.

So weird.

and weirdly wonderful.

So there won’t be a post next week. A small reminder to myself to normalise not working.

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