Separation Of Work And Personal Life.

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In this piece I want to challenge an idea that exists in the world, and propose an alternative way.

The shift to remote work or a hybrid situation has shown us on a massive scale something that actually, we all knew, deep inside.

When we are actually living our lives, it’s just us doing a bunch of things.
Some of those things fit in the work bucket. Some fit into hobbies. Some into parenting, social, chores.

There are whole categories of tasks we carry out. But WE are always the same.
It’s the same person that shows up.
When I’m working, Amber shows up.
When I’m puzzling, it’s Amber that shows up.
When I’m doing things with my kids, it’s that Amber again.

And that Amber, she picks up things from all her tasks, and carries them with her to the next task.

Same for you.

But why am I talking about this?

Because stuff happens in our personal lives, and it gets carried over into work.

I start training in my free Wednesday morning, so I go into my work more energised and feeling positive on Thursday.
Something happens with one of my kids, and at work part of my attention is on that very important person in my life. And I’m thinking more about human needs and emotions at work.
I’ve had a really tough day at work and I get home still wound up, bringing some charged energy into the house.

No matter what we are doing, it’s still us that is showing up.

But there is a problem.
We’ve all been taught to have a “work self” and a “private self”.
Management advice has been selling us the idea that we just need to separate.

That’s not how it works.

What does work is this:
Checking in with ourselves and asking –
What do I need?
What does this situation or task need?

And then taking care of it.

Let’s chuck out this false idea of separating our work and life selves.
Instead let’s take care of us, no matter what task we are doing.

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