The secret to getting into action

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Thought Piece Series

This is part of my Thought Piece Series where I explore topics related to leadership and provide both answers and questions. My intention is to start meaningful conversations that help us move forward.

Sometimes we can get into a trap that getting into action is going to be this big endeavour that we have to prepare for, that we need to wind ourselves up to go.

I’m a simple person and I love to find the simple, very little effort (you could almost say lazy) ways to get things done.
Here’s a quick story about an insignificant event that reminded me of a simple yet truly significant truth.

When I step out of my door, I step straight into nature. I still can’t believe that this is possible in Amsterdam, but it is.
My husband and I go on walks together through the woods, around the lake, passed the hidden gem of blackberry bushes (and yes we got a great harvest this year and made jam).

So recently, on one of our regular walks, I just knew it was time to get over myself and just cross the stream. Just simply start and go across, no big deal.
The first two boulders were fine. Big, flat, not too far apart. And then I got to the middle. Pointy, small, further away. I kept seeing myself falling into the water. My mind fixated on I’m going to go into the water.

And that’s when everything changed. That was my problem. I was thinking about how I wasn’t going to make it. About how I could fail. I know the likelihood of me falling in was small. But if you focus on anything enough, you can make it happen, even if you don’t want it.

The solution was the simplest thing in the world because I didn’t want to fall in.
So I said to myself

Go for it like you know you’re going to make it.

My body changed straight away. Where I had been nervous, with slightly unsteady legs, shallow breath, I immediately felt steady, ready to go.
Then I jumped.

The whole thing was pretty quick. Simple. No big deal.

The thing that got me out of it was the simplest thing in the world.
No big revelation.
No big searching for my purpose, my why to gather my strength and courage.

Sometimes we forget that our bodies know what to do. They just need a clear instruction.

So the magic answer?
Just a simple and pragmatic: go for it like you’re going to make it.

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