Every time I think about what to put into this post this week, I go still. I’m like a thoughtful statue. The events of the past week run through my head as my body is in pause. I stare at the ducks outside but my mind is elsewhere.

Russia invaded Ukraine.

Switzerland joined with sanctions. Switzerland!

A granny gave a soldier sunflower seeds to put in his pocket and well, you either know what she said or you don’t.

A Ukrainian sign company started changing road signs to confuse the Russian troops, and told them to f*ck off in signage.

Dutch citizens have volunteered to go to Ukraine and fight.

Even now as I write this I keep stopping to think about all the things I’ve seen and heard.

And I’ve been fighting with myself because I write this blog every week. I have something useful to share. There are so many lessons about leadership, about life, in everything that happens and that’s what I do: I show leadership in everyday life. So there are lessons in these happenings too.

Yet I can’t bring myself to write them. My mind just won’t go there.

And after two days of this back and forth between “oh yeah I want to write something” and the stillness of a statue that comes over me, I have remembered something.


Sometimes the thing that is needed is to just witness. Pay attention. Watch. See what’s happening.

And to absorb it. Take it in. Process what’s going on.
Let myself mumble wtf and oh my god aren’t they brave.

As someone who’s dealt with too many life and death situations in my personal life, I’m too used to getting into action and doing what’s needed, without thinking about what’s going on nor what it means for the future. I’ve focused not the immediate and dealt with it. And I’ve resisted witnessing and absorbing.

This is new for me. Maybe it’s new for you too.

So I’m putting this out there: Witness. Absorb.

These are perfectly valid actions to be taken right now.

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