What Do Employees Need To Thrive?

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Thought Piece Series

In this podcast, I speak with Mary Jane Roy and Vivian Acquah about what employees need to thrive in the workplace.

The big secret

You can’t just look at the individual, you’ve got to look at the whole environment, including KPIs. In the same way that measuring GDP is not enough to gauge success as a society, our KPIs are not enough to measure or drive success.

Both of these financial (and easily measurable indicators) drive us to take narrow actions to chase a specific outcome, while ignoring many other factors.

Outside the KPI

Jacinda Ardern and her cabinet are looking at measuring wellbeing (here’s a short video from her about why), and I think this has an important place in the workplace too. But for those who rely on traditional KPIs there is something else to measure that will help those numbers: the What Are We Learning? KPI

Check out what I mean, and the research to support the efficacy of this KPI, plus many other great points that I make ;0) by checking out the What Do Employees Need To Thrive? podcast

(psst! I love how they have set up the page. For the readers, there is a list of questions asked, and highlights of the interview, and links. For the listeners, there’s the full podcast.)


In the podcast, we talked about sources of inspiration for me, namely Maggie McDonnell, winner of the Global Best Teacher Award, and Rick Tamlyn, author of the Bigger Game. I shared how I apply their wisdom so that I can thrive, and how we can apply that to the workplace.

But what we didn’t talk about is Collaboration and Alignment. And this something that Mary Jane and Vivian brilliantly demonstrate.

a little bit of background

I’ve known Mary Jane for a few years, both as a friend and a colleague. We served on the board together of PWN Amsterdam. Her steadfastness, intelligent work (not just hard, but really smart too), and her awesome speed, are just a few things I admire.

I met Vivian when she joined PWN Amsterdam. She is a bright beacon of talent, creativity, and daring.

If you aren’t going out to good events to meet awesome people, you’re missing out. As a social introvert my advice is: find a place that is welcoming, and then invest your time. You won’t regret it.

From the sidelines I have seen how they have created this Go2Thrive podcast


They discovered a common Alignment about the workplace: what’s missing, what’s needed, and a hunger and drive to do something constructive about it.

Then they got creative and started a Collaboration: the podcast.

This is another thing that employees need to thrive:  the freedom to get to know what matters to themselves and their colleagues and find alignment and then collaborate to create something real in the world.

Want to discover how we can colloborate, or, would you like to discuss how you can thrive as an employee?  Book a complementary Exploration Session with me.


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