What Success Looks Like

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Something I have come to know with deep certainty through 1600 hours coaching, 500+ hours training, and countless conversations with people, is that success looks different for each one of us.

Right now I am processing and absorbing my personal learning from facilitating a senior leadership team on their offsite – a wonderfully spicy experience, you know the really delicious spicy. Where meaningful and transformative work happens. Such a good feeling. Pride in them, pride in my co-lead. and pride in myself.

As I am processing all this, I want to share an example of success from last year. My head is clear on that.

I hope you’ll enjoy the elegance in the simplicity of this success story.

Meet our protagonist.


Experiencing high stress. Having difficulty focusing.

Working late (regularly to midnight or later) and on weekends because well, procrastination.

Rabbit holes of distraction

Amazingly task oriented, getting loads done late at night, but running on empty, This method is not sustainable.

The intervention

Coaching and Mental Fitness training. From moi, of course.

6 months later…the results

No more weekend working, and actively chilling out and relaxing instead

Finished work by dinner, leaving time in evenings for personal stuff

Recognises what triggers procrastination habits, knows how to stop them

Confident about how they are living their life, knowing that surprises will come, and that they can handle it without reverting back to old bad habits.

Feeling ready to level up in their career and go for that promotion into leadership.

Isn’t that just beautiful?

I think it’s beautiful.

I love it.

And I’d love you to have it too.

I may be a little emotionally drunk as I’ve just come home from those two days of spicy facilitation. So like a sensible drunk, I’ll stop here.

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