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Are you ready to make big things happen?

We live in a world where we are expected to do more in less time. We are all expected to be leaders and have impact. But how do we do this?

Increase productivity. Read about leadership. Watch Simon Sinek’s Ted Talks. These are the simple answers.

There are a lot of leadership and productivity experts out there. You can easily find lots of information (hello Google!) and you have done that. You have researched, read and studied. You already know a lot.

If you have all this knowledge, and nothing’s changing, what’s wrong?

We’ve been schooled to have this assumption:

Individuals respond to knowledge sufficiently to create the desired change.

i.e. the belief that if someone tells you that smoking is bad for your health, that information is enough to get you to stop smoking.

But we all know that this isn’t true. Information alone is not enough.

You need Purpose, Meaning, Motivation.

And you need to Take Action. If you only learn one thing, and apply it everyday, you’ll be far ahead of the crowd

And coaching is a highly effective method for both finding your purpose and getting into action.

So if you want to find out what kind of leader you are, do more in less time, and really have impact, then hiring a coach is a good thing to do.

Now we’re left with this question: Am I the right coach for you? Take the first step and schedule a free call with me to explore.

Here Are The Ways To Work With Me

Coaching For You

1:1 coaching is for you if you want:
A leadership style you love, proud of. You want to keep inner calm while dealing with all the challenges.
Bring people on board with your ideas.
Be taken seriously at the next level.
Create lasting impact.
Lead your team to high performance.
Handle difficult colleagues without losing your shit.

For Your Organisation

You want training and coaching solutions that are:

tailored to your needs

simple and efficient to implement

have sustainable and real impact


For Certification

Taking your coaching to the next level?

 Joining CTI's CPCC certification program? 

Going for your ACC or PCC? 

You need a coach who's done that.




Free Checklist

With these 9 factors you'll Lead Like A Boss & Succeed at the Next Level without working all the hours. How many have you mastered?

Working Globally, Reaching You Wherever You Are


For your convenience, call from wherever you are. Avoid travel time, combine with your other appointments, be in your own environment.

Let’s help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint, while we work on your impact footprint.

Zoom, Skype, Phone: choose what works best for you.

Meet In Person

Coaching works incredibly well on the phone or video call, but it’s also really nice to meet each other. So if you’re close enough, then for the first session we can meet at one of my flex workspaces:

Kromme Waal 9, Amsterdam (3 mins walk from Central Station)

Burgemeester van Tienenweg 20, Diemen, Amsterdam A10 (2 hours free on street parking or via Tram 19)

Onsite coaching can be arranged for organisations.

How it works

Start with the Exploration Session – see how I can help you.

Next, commit to your growth. Expect 8-10 sessions

Have your Discovery session to lay the foundation.

Move on with regular sessions (approx 2-3 per month).

Wrap up the process with a completion session when you are ready.