For Your Organisation

you want to leverage the talents, ideas, and creativity of your people

You know that leadership coaching is key

from a small group of people to company wide program

Ways we can work together

Individuals & Small Groups

Group Programs

Facilitation & Team Strategy


Coaching program for key individuals that you want to support in their leadership journey

  • Recently promoted and need to grow into their role
  • High potential and you want to actualise the potential
  • On a development path and had a recent assessment with development points identified
  • Someone that you see has a great to offer your organisation and you want to bring out the best in them

Group Programs

You’ve got a broader scope, and want to support the development of a group of people, at the same time

You want to completely outsource the program: project management, program evaluation, 360 evaluations, logistics, and you’re prepared to invest to reap the rewards of a group of new leaders


  • Coaching
    • Take a group of people through a personalised coaching program where they get individual coaching focused on their development and growth
  • Experiential learning program
    • Develop the leadership of a group of people through a hands on experiential program designed to challenge and grow them.

Case Study: Coaching Program

Complete coaching program: 1-1 coaching for a group of key individual contributors for a global tech company.

The purpose: have effective high performance teams.

  • Developing each individual’s leadership allowing them to impact and create organisation transformation.
  • Challenge and enable participants to develop flexible, agile, leadership styles and capabilities.
  • Increase participants influence within the organisation.
  • Enhancing capabilities as agents of change.

Feedback from program participants

How has this program helped you develop as a leader?

  • It gives a different perspective on leadership that I haven’t found anywhere else
  • By forcing me to think, observe and find courage to take initiatives, with much less fear of making mistakes
  • It helped me solidify in my mind what kind of leader I would like to be, and what kind of leadership style suits my personality
  • Knowing your weaknesses is one know, coming up with ways to improve them is harder. The conversations help you to come up with ideas on how to improve on those specific points
  • Source: evaluation survey from pilot program

In what way has the program been beneficial to the organisation?

  • It’s created more focused employees with a renewed drive to bring their best to the company
  • It helps develop an employee in terms of communication, decision making, and taking action
  • It’s in line the the cultural program; it gives a tangible message to people that growth is valuable and it it gives us the tools to grow
  • This program empowers employees to make a greater impact… better equipped leaders will help with the establishment of the cultural transformation of the company so they will be drivers for change

Facilitation & Team strategy sessions

Planning an offsite event? Getting your team together to kick off the year or boost your strategy?

Then you’re probalby looking for a facilitator: someone who can help you create and run the day so that you can be part of the process, and not managing the process.

Benefits to


the organiser

You are a key person in the team and organisation. As such, you are the go to person for organising both offsite and inhouse strategy sessions. And as such, you usually take the role of organiser and facilitator. You primary focus is to take everyone else through the process and to achieve the objective of the day. This means that you tend to be outside the system. You don’t get to be in the system, share your ideas, views, opinions. 

Part of your attention is always on the agenda, the flow, the timeline. And you’re pretty awesome at this. 

AND the organisation would benefit from you being a full participant once in a while. 

AND you have a lot of other things to organise. 

So this is the time to bring in an external facilitator.

You and I will spend a fair bit of time before the event, together with the key stakeholder(s) to create the day 

  • clarifying the objectives: what do you want to have at the end of the day?
  • designing the flow and exercises: so what are we going to do that will enable the group to achieve the objectives?
  • assign roles: who will be doing what (including logistics, event day, and preparation)

Having a facilitator will give you the opportunity to really take part in the team or company discussions


The Organisation

Whether or not your organisation has extensive experience with creating and hosting offsites, kick off events, strategy days, sometimes you want to bring in an external party to design, plan, and run your offsite. This is a person who

  • is an expert in creating the environment for meaningful and relevant conversations and actions,
  • someone who is neutral,
  • has a fresh perspective,
  • and doesn’t carry the legacy of your organisational history and baggage (because all organisations have history and baggage)

And while you may have the skills in house, you want them to be a participant for once, or they have other key roles to play.


"I highly recommend Amber's services"

I have used Amber's services in Marktplaats several times: to coach individuals and leaders, and as a facilitator for our strategic meetings. For the latter we were a difficult bunch AND we changed direction in the middle. Amber was able to keep us focused on the goal rather than the journey while providing continuous feedback

Mine Ogura Continuous Improvement, Marktplaats/eBay

"Participants confidence in the facilitator is vital for getting full participation and she proved that on the day"

We hired Amber to facilitate a company-wide full day event to set the tone/agenda for the year. In addition to facilitating the multiple exercises, she collaborated with us to design the activities of the day so that we would get the outcomes we wanted. She really took the time to understand our objectives and spent an incredible amount of time breaking it down to workable chunks for the day which turned out to be a crucial input for the day’s success.

Amber has a groundedness/gravitas that makes the group confident to be led by her. Participants confidence in the facilitator is vital for getting full participation and she proved that on the day.

I’ll recommend Amber for future events.

Nishat Hashem, Change Management & Leadership Consulting, eBay